Hi! Please call me zuzu!
I am an illustrator living in California, and I am serving as an illustrator coordinator for Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, San Francisco East Bay Chapter. I had an interest in picture book writing and illustrating since I was quite young. Luckily, my daily work now includes reading to children and creating illustrations and stories to feed their curiosity.
Making art always sparks joy in me and allows me to connect with other fellow artists. Through a variety of mixed media, I create lighthearted and bright artistic explorations that take shape as storytelling illustrations. When I am not illustrating, I also enjoy building online community for beginner artists, going ice skating and petting my friend’s cats. 
I am currently looking for representation! And I am open to all sorts of projects. Please email me at ZuzuDrawsCreates@gmail.com or drop a message below if you are interested in collaborating with me. You can also find me on https://www.instagram.com/zuzu.draws.creates/
Let's get in touch!❤️

Thank you!
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